Energy Certificate

Energy certificate for new construction

What is a new construction certificate?

This is a technical certificate that measures the efficiency and sustainability of a new construction.

Depending on the quality of the materials, insulation, orientation, openings, thermal installations and other variables, this certificate will give a better or worse result.

When to request an energy efficiency certificate for new buildings?

By law in Spain, it is necessary to have an energy certificate in order to put a building or parts of a building up for sale. In this way, owners, comparators or tenants can quickly assess how efficient the property to be purchased is.

How is a new construction energy efficiency certificate made?

These are the optimal steps:

1. Technical visit by specialised technician

An architect or technical architect must carry out on-site data collection on the building itself.

By means of measurements, photos, checking of materials, energy systems, etc.

2. Technical report energy performance certificate

Subsequently, with the data collected and with the support of technical documentation, such as plans, technical data sheets of materials, etc., the energy certificate will be drawn up, using a computer programme, to calculate the overall efficiency of the building.

energy certificate new construction

3. IVACE register energy certificate new construction

After the technical report has been completed, it will be registered in the corresponding public body. Here in the Valencian Community this is done on the IVACE platform.

Once registered, the platform provides the certificate with a code that authenticates its validity. In addition, it also provides an energy label, which shows the energy quality of the building.

This label ranges from the letter A (most efficient) to the letter G (least efficient), providing a quick and visual classification of the building’s energy performance.

Who can sign a new building energy certificate?

According to Spanish regulations, the competent technicians to sign energy certificates for new buildings are architects or technical architects.

It is true that when it is not a new building, energy certificates can be signed by engineers and other technical profiles.

Do you need an economic energy certificate?

The importance of the energy rating of new buildings

Energy rating for new buildings is key to meeting regulatory compliance and appropriate quality standards.

It saves on utility costs, increases the value of the property and contributes to lower pollution.

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