Alicante Tourist Licence

Would you like to offer your property as a holiday rental? Here, we tell you how you can do it and what is necessary.

What is the Tourist Licence?

This license is what you need to legally list a property as a vacation rental.

In fact, if you are considering becoming an entrepreneur in the hotel sector and renting out your apartment or property for vacations, you will need this license.


How to obtain a Tourist Licence in Alicante?

First of all, we would like to point out that this process is not easy at an administrative level. It requires several registrations in different administrations and a multitude of documents.

Additionally, the expertise of a technician is necessary to sign certain documents.

In the following, we will outline the best procedure based on our experience:

1. Previous study of urban development compatibility for tourist accommodation.

First of all, it is necessary to check whether the property can obtain a tourist license.

Not all homes can have a tourist license in Alicante.

Therefore, it is much better to know in advance before starting the formal management. This process involves the preparation of reports, payment of fees, and presentation of documents. In other words, with the previous study, we can avoid these unnecessary costs.

We recommend being cautious with companies that offer tourist licenses and suggest skipping this step.

2. Certificate of habitability

As for the second step, it is necessary at the time of the application for the house to have a valid habitability certificate. If not, such a license would have to be obtained.

3. Obtaining the compatibility report from the town hall.

This document is essential for tourism as it enables them to grant you the license. It states that your property is compatible with the tourist license according to the territorial regulations.

4. Registration in Tourism for a tourist licence

Finally, we will register in Tourism, and we will need a digital certificate and home insurance.

5. Communication Harmless Activity

After obtaining the tourist license, the Alicante city council requires that you open and communicate the tourist housing activity, as a harmless activity.

This means that you have to pay a new fee, do a technical project, etc.

In conclusion, by following these steps, we will obtain the tourist license.

So you don’t have to worry, QEE Engineering can process all this documentation for you.



    If you are buying a property in order to obtain a tourist license, we recommend that you click on the following link:


    If you have just bought a property that already has a tourist license, don’t wait any longer; make the change of ownership now.

    View all the information

    Discover why Alicante is one of the best cities to invest in tourist rentals: its benefits, best areas, etc.

    See here for more information

    The tourist licence in Alicante is applied for at the GVA, presenting the documents required by the regulations of the Valencian Community.

    The holiday rental licence is not free. It depends on the locality but we can find this licence for an average price of 280 euros in Alicante. Fees and other taxes are to be paid separately.

    Fees vary from one community to another and from one locality to another.

    It should be noted that the tourist licence fee itself is free of charge. However, the registration of all the technical documentation required to obtain it comes with its costs.

    For example, in Alicante, to obtain a certificate of urban development compatibility, the fee is 111.39 euros.

    Finally, there is a cost of approximately €40, which should be added for the purchase of a distinctive plate. It serves to mark the property and is compulsory. You can purchase it by clicking here.

    AirBnb or Booking platforms require this type of licence to promote properties on their websites

    Contact QEE Ingenieria and they will help you carry out this procedure.

    If you are thinking of renting a flat or apartment for tourist purposes, think long and hard about doing so without a license.

    If you do not have a tourist license, you may be sanctioned by the competent local authority, as you are committing an illegal act.

    First of all, you must know the urban planning compatibility of the property. Sometimes, it is not feasible.

    Once you are sure that the premises can be converted into a tourist home or flat, you will proceed to carry out the necessary works. These works must be communicated to the Alicante Town Hall.

    After the completion of the works, make sure to obtain the corresponding habitability license. With this license and the favourable urban compatibility report, you can register your holiday home for tourism.

    Finally, submit the responsible declaration of innocuous activities to the Urbanismo department.

    This is the acronym for tourist housing.

    This term refers to dwellings that are rented for short stays. Additionally, the property must be equipped with the necessary furniture and provide cleaning services.

    One of the main requirements is that, as it is a dwelling, even if it is going to be used for tourism, it has to meet the conditions of a dwelling according to the Law of habitability, CTE, and DC09.

    Therefore, it is necessary to have an occupancy licence. If the latter has expired, a second occupancy licence will have to be obtained.

    If you require any of these procedures, do not hesitate to contact us.

    In the Valencian Community, the capacity of people for a tourist license is determined by the number and type of rooms. Typically, if a room is spacious and equipped with a double bed, the capacity is considered to be 2 people.

    However, if extra beds are available, the capacity can be increased. It is important to always indicate this information when promoting tourist accommodations.

    In the link below, we explain everything about the duplicate tourist licence.

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    Despite what you may read on the internet, the tourist licence does NOT expire in the Valencia Region under the current legislation.

    In the following article, we attempt to explain the advantages and disadvantages of both types of rentals.

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