Tourist License

How to obtain a tourist license in Cullera?

Procedure and regulations

First of all, we must have a technical certificate of habitability that accredits that the property is fit for habitation.

Once we have this certificate, we proceed to request the urban development compatibility report for tourist dwellings.

Finally, if the resolution of the previous report is favourable, we have to register our property as a tourist dwelling with the Generalitat Valenciana.


From 400€ (VAT and taxes included)

1. License of second occupation

This is a document issued by a technician, such as an architect or quantity surveyor, which verifies that the home meets certain standards of habitability and safety.

These certificates are usually necessary to demonstrate that a home meets the legal and quality requirements necessary to be lived in safely and comfortably.

2. Informe de Compatibilidad Urbanística

Since 2018, the power to grant tourist licenses has been in the hands of the local councils. This report is the permission that has to be granted by the town hall in order to be able to obtain the tourist license for our property.

It is usually the most complicated step, as not all properties can obtain this report in order to obtain the license.

The good thing? The Cullera Town Hall is quite flexible and grants the majority of the houses the positive report of urbanistic compatibility.

3. Registration of tourist rental license the Generalitat Valenciana

Finally, you will have to register with Tourism. In addition, you will need a digital certificate and home insurance.

This is the quickest part of the process; however, it is advisable to get a professional to avoid any problems.



There are situations in which the ownership of the tourist license is in the hands of a former owner or rental management company. In these cases we have to apply for a change of ownership of the license.

It is a tedious process that requires to be well informed. In these cases, we recommend the help and advice of a professional who has experience and knowledge of this type of procedure.

See information.

Managers of holiday rentals in cullera


Nowadays there are many companies in charge of managing third party rentals in exchange for a commission.

We try to offer the most complete service possible, which is why apart from obtaining the tourist license, we offer tourist rental management services.

Once all the necessary procedures have been completed to be able to carry out a holiday rental in accordance with the current regulations, we offer the possibility of managing your rental, in the most efficient way, so that you don’t have to worry about anything.


Tourist license Cullera

Renting without a tourist license


In order to carry out short term holiday rentals, it is always necessary to have a license, the procedures and requirements for obtaining a license will vary depending on the locality.

The alternative would be to carry out a long-term rental, thus sacrificing the profitability of our real estate income.


What sanctions can we face if we rent a property without a license?

Renting your property fraudulently can lead to various legal consequences and penalties such as:

• Fines and/or economic sanctions that can amount up to 60000€ in the most serious cases.
• Termination of the activity.
• Obligation to reimburse tenants.
• Future prohibition to operate any type of tourist rental on the property.


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