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How to open a coworking in Alicante?

The city of Alicante, with its charm and dynamic business community, presents itself as an ideal place to establish a coworking space. Opening a shared workspace not only meets the growing needs of freelancers and entrepreneurs but also contributes to the development of a collaborative work community.

What is a coworking?

Coworking is a revolutionary alternative to the traditional work environment, offering a shared space where freelancers, entrepreneurs, and remote professionals can gather to work in a common setting. This concept goes beyond a mere physical space; it is a philosophy that promotes collaboration, creativity, and the exchange of ideas.

History of Coworking: When Did It Start?

The term “coworking” was first coined in 1999 by Brad Neuberg, a computer programmer, who founded the first coworking space called “The Office” in San Francisco. However, the real rise of coworking began around 2005, with the opening of spaces like “The Hat Factory” in New York and “The Hub” in London. Since then, the movement has experienced exponential growth and has become a global trend over the years.

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Types of Coworking Spaces or Shared Workspaces

There are different types of coworking spaces, and some of the most common models are:

  • Open Coworking: Spaces where professionals share a common area, encouraging interaction and networking.
  • Thematic Coworking: Focused on specific industries or areas of interest, these spaces bring together professionals with common goals. E.g., Coworking for architects and engineers.
  • Corporate Coworking: Large companies create internal coworking spaces to foster collaboration among their own employees or with external professionals.
  • Rural or Residential Coworking: Offer the opportunity to work in quieter, more natural environments, away from cities.
  • Virtual Coworking: Provide a digital infrastructure for those who work remotely, allowing them to collaborate through online platforms.

How Many Coworking Spaces Are There in Alicante?

As of January 2024, the city of Alicante has a total of 34 coworking centers.

What is the Cost of a Coworking Space in Alicante?

The prices of coworking spaces in Alicante can vary depending on the location, facilities, and services offered by each space. Factors that may influence the cost include the quality of the space, the availability of meeting rooms, additional services such as reception, printing, and kitchen facilities, as well as the reputation of the coworking space.

Monthly prices for coworking spaces in Alicante can range from about 100 euros to 300 euros or more, depending on the location and amenities. Some spaces offer flexible plans, such as daily or hourly memberships, which may be more affordable.

Steps to Set Up a Coworking Space

To set up a coworking space, careful planning and strategic execution are required.

1. Market Study and Strategy

First, we will focus on market research. We need to evaluate the demand and competition in the area where we want to establish the coworking space, as well as identify the specific needs of local professionals and businesses to define our target audience and tailor our services to their needs.

Finally, we will develop a solid marketing strategy to make our coworking space stand out. We can use digital platforms, social media, and local strategies to promote the space.

2. Financing

You will need to estimate the initial investment required and determine if you have sufficient resources or need to apply for loans, etc.

3. Finding a Property

You will also need to know the available spaces on the market to either rent or purchase them.

4. Tax and Labor Advisor

In addition, you have to hire an advisor to help you with the opening and management of the economic activity. Additionally, they can advise you on many aspects such as subsidies.

5. Obtain coworking opening license with technical study

You will also need to consider hiring a specialized technician or company to apply for the business permit or license at the town hall. It is highly advisable to seek prior consultation before searching for a location to ensure it meets the necessary conditions. QEE can assist you with this.

What is the opening license?

The opening license is a document issued by the municipality that authorizes the practice of a specific activity in a particular location or premises. It is also known as an opening license.

Type of coworking activity license

The opening license for a coworking space will vary depending on the type of coworking environment it is. In general, it is considered a low-impact activity, similar to that of an office.

Activity license budget

From 500 €

Do you need a business opening license?

6. Renovation and interior design

It’s important to consider that common areas are crucial for clients, as well as meeting rooms.

Advantages of Setting Up a Coworking Space

Coworking spaces can be profitable by generating recurring revenue through memberships and additional services. In addition to basic memberships, you can diversify your income by offering additional services such as meeting rooms, events, and café services.

You have the flexibility to adapt and adjust service offerings based on market demand and trends. Introducing new offerings or making changes to the space’s design according to members’ needs can ensure relevance and competitiveness.

Moreover, you’ll have the opportunity to build relationships with professionals from various industries. This can open doors to business opportunities, collaborations, and partnerships.

Disadvantages and Drawbacks

Establishing a coworking space requires a significant initial investment in infrastructure, furniture, technology, and space renovations. This can pose a financial challenge initially. In addition to the upfront investment, there are ongoing operational costs such as utilities, maintenance, staffing, and marketing. Managing these costs can be a complex aspect of the business.

The day-to-day operational management of a coworking space is continuous work. Coordinating bookings, maintaining cleanliness, and managing member expectations can be labor-intensive and demanding tasks.

The financial stability of a coworking space often depends heavily on membership numbers and their long-term commitment levels. High member turnover can impact revenue, and offering additional services beyond basic memberships can be challenging. For instance, managing events and providing additional services may require additional resources and efforts.

New Trend in Coworking Called Coliving

Coliving is an emerging trend related to coworking that has become increasingly popular, especially among young professionals, digital nomads, and those seeking more collaborative living experiences.

This trend involves sharing not only a workspace (as in coworking) but also living space. Participants share accommodations such as apartments or houses, along with common areas like kitchens, living rooms, and shared workspaces.

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