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Requirements for holiday home in Paterna

In this article, we will know the necessary requirements to be able to obtain the tourist license for a housing in the locality of Paterna. The above mentioned license will allow us to realize a tourist use of our property, that is to say, to destine his rent to tourists on a regular basis and with commercial aims.

1. Obtaining the tourist license

To obtain the tourist license we will need to make several registrations and obtain different certificates.

A) Second occupancy license

The second occupancy license is a certificate issued by the local town hall confirming that the conditions of the property meet the habitability and safety requirements for occupancy.

B) Compatibility certificate holiday home

The certificate of urban planning compatibility is also issued by the municipality and certifies the compatibility of the tourist use of the property with the urban planning and municipal ordinances.

In other words, it is a mandatory technical document that certifies that a house can be a tourist house.

C) Application Generalitat Valenciana tourist housing Paterna

As owners we must register the property in the Registry of Tourism of the Valencian Community in order to notify the registration of the tourist activity of our property and finally obtain its Tourist License.

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2. Having a vacation rental insurance

To be able to exploit the tourist license we must have the property insured. Normally the basic insurances serve, but if you contract one specialized in tourist rent you will be more supported.

In article 26 you can see the minimum characteristics that the insurance must have.

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3. Have a tourist license plate

When you go on vacation and hire a tourist apartment, the best way to find out if the property has a license is to check if it has a tourist license plate.

That is to say, the tourist plate is the license plate of your tourist accommodation and serves to prove that it meets the technical and tourist requirements.

Do you need to obtain a tourist license plate?

4. Report travelers to the police

As a rule and for security reasons, the registration of travelers must be carried out at the National Police or an equivalent security body.

5. Complaint forms GVA

We should always have official Tourism complaint forms available for possible incidents.

If you need official GVA complaint forms, please contact us.

6. Taxation of tourist housing with the tax authorities

Finally, it will be necessary that you fulfill your tax obligations for the tourist rental with the AEAT.
In the most common cases, the tourist rent is a yield of real estate capital that is taxed by IRPF and ITP.

In relation to VAT it is usually exempt.

If you want more information you can read this article.

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