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Alicante local energy certificate

If you are going to rent or sell a local or small commercial premises and have been asked for an energy certificate, read on. You will find the following information very useful.

Local energy certificate price Alicante

The price of the energy certificate varies mainly according to the surface area, i.e. m2. Thus, both the technical fees and the fees will depend on the surface area.

To give an example, for a commercial premises of approximately 100 m2, the price is around 100 euros (including fees).

Currently, the fees in Alicante, depending on the m2, are 10 euros + 0.10 euros/m2.


Certificado energético local Alicante

What premises do not need an energy certificate?

In general, practically all premises require this certificate. However, there are some exceptions such as the following:

  • A premises that is part of an officially listed building, provided that any energy efficiency improvement action alters its appearance.
  • Premises constructed provisionally, with an expected period of use of two years or less.
  • Premises forming part of an industrial, defence or agricultural building with low energy demand. I In other words, premises that do not require thermal comfort conditions. For example: a workshop.
  • Insulated premises with a total usable area of less than 50 m2.
  • Premises that are purchased for demolition or purchased raw for refurbishment. In these cases, the energy certificate must be requested after the construction or refurbishment work.

What do we understand by a raw premises?

    • Their walls, ceilings, floors or enclosures are not insulated from the weather or are inefficiently insulated.
    • They are not provided with finishes, ductwork, etc.
    • They do not have electrical or thermal installations.

How to carry out the energy certification of a premises?

  • First of all, a technician must be called in.
  • This professional will visit the premises to collect data and draw up the technical certification report.

This report will always be accompanied by a document of improvement measures, indicative and aimed at increasing the efficiency of the premises.

  • It will be registered electronically, after payment of the corresponding administrative fees.
  • You will obtain the label describing the resulting energy rating and other registration documents. With them you can now rent or sell the premises.

What do technicians look at in the energy certificate of a local?

In the energy certification procedure for premises, certain parameters must be taken into account. The most important of these are listed below:

  • The use to be given to the premises.
  • Linear dimensions of walls (length and height). For example, storerooms, toilets, offices, etc.
  • Linear dimensions of walls (length and height).
  • Openings (windows or doors).
  • Lighting equipment, i.e. what type of luminaire the premises has. For example, halogen bulb, linear fluorescent, LED bulb, etc.
  • Ventilation equipment.

It does not have ACS or hot water

The houses must have Sanitary Hot Water (ACS). For example, through an electric thermos , a standard boiler , a butane burner , etc.

However, there are premises where this ACS is not necessary. In fact, certain premises can be certified without the need for ACS.

If the ACS is necessary, the amount of litres per day required will be studied, depending on the type of activity that the premises will have.

Solicitar certificado de eficiencia energética para local en Alicante

    How to improve energy efficiency in a premises?

    There are different interventions to improve the energy efficiency of a premises.

    We are going to highlight the one that refers to lighting equipment. We could say that it is a key parameter for improvement.

    There are different ways to light a room, but the energy expenditure or difference in efficiency between them is enormous.

    In summary, high-efficiency luminaires or LEDs should be used as much as possible.

    Among them, we will have: point LED or bulb and linear or tubular LED.

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