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Energy Efficiency Grants Valencian Community

With the financial support of the Next Generation funds, Europe aims to give member states some breathing space in the wake of the COVID crisis. In addition to being able to meet its commitments to energy sustainability.

The horizon is 2021 – 2026. They will be developed in different phases. We are currently in the first phase. Types of IVACE Energy Efficiency Grants

Types of IVACE Energy Efficiency Grants

Mainly, there are two types:

1. Building Rehabilitation

For collective buildings, including dwellings and single-family homes.

2. Improvement of energy efficiency in dwellings

In this case, the focus is on dwellings in buildings or single-family homes.

How much money do they give?

Rehabilitation of Buildings

Depending on the energy savings achieved in the action, 40 to 80 % of the cost is subsidised. The amount ranges from 6,300 to 18,800 euros.

In addition, when situations of economic vulnerability are identified, personal assistance may be obtained in addition to the above.

Improving the energy efficiency in homes

The subsidy for improving energy efficiency is 40% of the cost of the action, with a limit of €3,000.

In order to apply for this aid, the cost of the action must be equal to or greater than €1,000 per dwelling.

Requirements for Energy Rehabilitation Grants

It should be noted that the main requirement is to obtain 2energy efficiency certificates.One before the work and one after.

In this way, it will be possible to demonstrate the technical requirements that have to be fulfilled. Below, we list them:


Firstly, a reduction of at least 30 % in non-renewable primary energy consumption, referred to energy certification.

In addition, in buildings located in climate zones C, D and E, a reduction of the overall annual energy demand for heating and cooling of:

  • Climate zones D and E: 35 %.
  • Climate zone C: 25 %.

The following are exempted from the above reduction:

  • Officially listed buildings.
  • In buildings in which energy efficiency improvements have been carried out in the last four years in which the reduction can be proven.


  • Or reduction of non-renewable primary energy consumption of at least 30 %.
  • O bien, reducción del consumo de energía primaria no renovable de al menos un 30 %.
  • Actions for the modification or replacement of construction elements of the thermal envelope to adapt its characteristics to the limit values of thermal transmittance and air permeability, where appropriate, established in the CTE, will also be considered eligible.


    Docuemntation to present Efficiency Improvement Grants

    Regarding the documentation to be presented, it is:

    • Application form.
    • Technical report.
    • Energy efficiency certificate of the dwelling or existing building in its current state.
    • Energy efficiency certificate of the dwelling or existing building obtained considering that the actions foreseen in the project or report have been carried out.
    • Signed contract or offer and budget broken down by items.
    • In the case of actions at building level, Building Evaluation Report (IEEV.CV.).
    • Other legal-administrative documents.


    An Energy Performance Certificate contains information on the energy performance characteristics and the energy performance rating of an existing building or part of a building.

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    The technical report is the document that will justify that your home or building is eligible for energy efficiency subsidies. It will include the requirements that define the improvement of the energy efficiency of the home or building.

    Applications for subsidies to improve energy efficiency in the Valencian Community will be submitted electronically.

    They must be submitted to the Electronic Register of the Regional Ministry and must be signed electronically by means of an electronic signature or certificate.

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