Cheap Energy Efficiency Certificate in Alicante

We tell you everything you need to know about the energy certificate, to be able to rent or sell your property and home

What is the energy efficiency certificate?

An Energy Efficiency Certificate (EEC) is a document that contains the information corresponding to the energy characteristics. In addition, the energy performance rating of a building or part of a building.


Is the energy certificate compulsory to rent or sell your property?

It is compulsory if...

You are going to sell or rent a property with a surface area equal to or greater than 50 m2 to a new tenant, as long as you do not have a valid certificate.

It is not compulsory if...

  • Your property is isolated and has a total useful surface area of less than 50 m2.

  • Secondly, the use of the property you rent or sell will be less than four months per year. Or for a limited period of time per year and with an expected energy consumption of less than 25 per cent of what would result from year-round use.



    1. First of all, a competent technician must be called in to sign the energy efficiency certificate.
    2. This report will always be accompanied by a document of improvement measures, which are orientative and aimed at increasing the efficiency of the property.
    3. Subsequently, it will be registered electronically, after paying the corresponding administrative fees (this differs between autonomous communities).
    4. Finally, the label describing the resulting energy rating will be obtained.

    To cite an example, in the case of the energy efficiency certificate in Alicante, the headquarters of QEE Ingeniería, this fee for an individual dwelling within a block is 10 euros.

    See Fees for registering certificates (

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    An energy performance certificate is not free. The price of the energy certificate is usually linked to the type of property (flat, single-family house, commercial premises…) and its surface area.

    The energy performance certificate must be signed by a competent technician, legally authorised for this purpose.

    For example, an architect or industrial engineer.

    The energy performance certificate records the energy consumption, which is estimated to be necessary to satisfy the energy demand of the building. This is always under normal operating and occupancy conditions.

    For example, the energy consumed for heating, cooling, ventilation, domestic hot water production and lighting.

    The maximum validity of an energy performance certificate is 10 years.

    No, you cannot. One of these official accreditation documents is required.

    The NIE (Foreigner’s Identity Number) is a personal, unique and exclusive number that all foreigners who, due to their economic, professional or social interests, are related to Spain, must have for identification purposes. All taxpayers who do not reside in Spain but who own a property located in Spanish territory must pay tax on it, therefore, they must have a NIE.

    First of all, by law it is compulsory when you are going to sell or rent a property to present the energy efficiency certificate. However, in some cases, when major renovations are to be carried out, it is not necessary.

    For example, when it is a house, this certificate is NOT required if it is not habitable and a reform is needed for it.

    Para el caso de los locales, NO es necesario cuando el comprador para realizar su actividad, tiene que hacer una reforma importante.

    It is worth mentioning that the important reforms are when the modifications of the installations exceed 25% of the total of the property.

    According to Spanish law it is compulsory to have a technician visit the property or premises in order to obtain the certificate.

    Otherwise, it would be a serious sanction that can cost up to 6000 €.

    This inspection is compulsory because it is necessary to make physical checks, such as measurements of rooms and windows. In addition, some materials and energy installations need to be checked.

    In the following link we will show a financial aid for improving energy efficiency.

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    In addition, here you can see the grants for installing solar panels.

    See grants for solar panels

    The energy certificate is also compulsory for the sale of premises. But there are exceptions:

    More information

    When a property is inherited, it is not compulsory for the property to have an energy certificate. But if it is to be sold at a later date, it is, as it is always obligatory for the sale.

    When constructing a building, by law, it is necessary to obtain an energy certificate for the entire building.

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