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Bar License Alicante

If you are going to set up a bar and have doubts regarding the requirements and the opening license in Alicante, in this article, we give you the keys.


The following are the most common steps to take when opening this type of business.

1. Get a venue

One of the most complex aspects is to find premises that meet your needs and, in addition, comply with the technical regulations to be able to carry out the activity.

In general and based on our opinion, the most important factors are the price, the location and the characteristics of the premises.

Transfer of bar with business license

The easiest way is to look for premises that already have a bar licence.

In this case, to obtain the licence in your name, it would be necessary to make a change of ownership.

At QEE Ingeniería, we can help you and take care of the management for you.

Technical requirements

On the other hand, if you find a premises that does not have a licence, before renting or buying it, you must find out whether it is technically feasible to convert it into a bar, how and at what price.

Below, we discuss the most important technical aspects that you should take into account.

Urban compatibility according to the PGOU

Sometimes, municipal land-use planning regulations do not allow this type of activity to be carried out in a given area or building.

Therefore, this is one of the first parameters to be reviewed.

Ventilation and smoke extraction

One of the fundamental aspects when opening a business premises is that it must have a smoke outlet to the outside, for the kitchen.

In addition, the toilet and the kitchen must have a ventilation system.

Handicapped toilets for a bar

In most cases, you will need to have two separate toilets for each sex, at least one of which must be disabled friendly.

The disabled toilet will need to have specialised equipment and dimensions.

For example, there must be no obstacles within a circle of 1.50 metres. Other minimum lengths, as shown in the picture below, must also be observed:

licencia bar alicante
Access for people with reduced mobility

People with reduced mobility must be able to enter the bar. his means that wheelchair access is possible.

Sometimes it is necessary to build a ramp because of the slope. In such cases, the slope should have a maximum gradient of 10 %.


Another factor to take into account is that the premises must comply with acoustic standards and/or review the cost of fitting out the premises.

Once the adaptation has been carried out, an acoustic audit will be carried out in order for the local council to grant the activity licence.

Fire safety and evacuation

Two types of fire extinguishers will be required to comply with the regulations:

  • ABC portal fire extinguisher powder chemical every 15 metres.
  • Portable CO2 carbon snow extinguisher to be kept near the electrical panel.

In addition, for proper evacuation, signs indicating the exits will have to be placed. It will also be necessary for the exit door to always open outwards in premises located in the Valencian Community.

Electrical installation

In relation to the electrical installation, a key aspect to bear in mind is that the cables must be halogen-free.

This is because, if there is a sudden increase in the temperature of the cable or another circumstance that causes a fire, a cable with halogens (e.g. PVC) would not behave properly.

This type of cable would release a large amount of toxic fumes and facilitate the spread of fire.

2. Technical project Bar Licence Alicante

In order to open the bar, it is necessary to present the Declaración Responsable de Actividad for the opening of a public establishment.

In addition, in the case of carrying out works, the Declaración Responsable de Obra (Declaration of Responsibility for Works) must be presented. In it, the need to carry out the works/ installations/ actions prior to the activity application is stated.

In both cases, the applications must be accompanied by a technical documentation.

Subsequently, all the required documents will be registered at the town hall. These documents will be supervised by the city council in order to grant the corresponding activity licence.

cómo montar un bar

Fees for setting up a bar in Alicante

On the other hand, you will have to pay some taxes to the town hall. Dichas tasas varían en función de los m2 de actividad (del bar).

These fees vary depending on the m2 of activity (of the bar).

ENVIRONMENTAL LICENCE FEES (opening activity) up to 500 m2: 610.02 €.


3. Works and refurbishment for a bar licence

If necessary, the required changes would have to be made to the premises in order to bring it into compliance with the regulations or your expectations.

4. Technical inspection, acoustic audit and OCA

Once the works have been completed, a technical inspection must be carried out by the Authorised Control Body (OCA), in order to ensure regulatory compliance. At the same time, an acoustic study and audit will be carried out.


It is very difficult to establish a price for this type of licence. It will depend on the needs of the reform and the surface area, among other factors.

However, to give an example, the approximate price for an opening licence for a bar, with a minor work project, can be around 2500 euros. Examples) Creation of a company, registration of self-employed workers, IAE, civil liability insurance.


It is very difficult to establish a price for this type of licenses. It will depend on the needs of the renovation and the surface area, among other factors.

However, to cite an example, the approximate price for a license to open a bar, with a minor construction project, can be around 2,500 euros.

Check final price


    Not only is it compulsory, but this type of activity is highly controlled in Spain.

    Fines for not having a licence

    Depending on the seriousness of the offence, they can range from 300€ to 600.000€. They could also proceed to close the bar for a maximum period of 3 years.


    Finally, it should be noted that it is not necessary for a bar to have a proper kitchen. In fact, there are foods, such as tapas, that can be served ready-made and cold.

    It is also possible to cook without a smoke outlet and without an extractor hood with a special fryer or other vacuum systems.

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