Second Occupancy Licence

Second occupancy certificate Villajoyosa

Have you been asked for this certificate and you don’t know what it is? In short, it is a document that certifies habitability.

When a house is built, it is necessary that an architect certifies that it is habitable. This certificate is called cédula de habitabilidad.

In the Community of Valencia, this certificate is valid for 10 years.

The next time you need to certify the habitability of a property, the cédula de habitabilidad is no longer necessary. Another less rigorous document is used which is called cédula de segunda ocupación or licencia segunda ocupación (second occupancy license).

Who has to apply for the second occupancy licence?

First of all, you should know that the application must always be made by the owner of the property or, failing that, his or her representative.

This application must include a technical certificate certifying that the property is habitable. This certificate must also be signed by a competent technician (architect or engineer).

When is it compulsory or is it required?

First of all, it is important to clarify that, in the Valencian Community, it is not compulsory for the purchase-sale. In other words, the seller is not obliged to provide it to the notary.

However, it is true that many real estate agencies or buyers do require it, as it is a technical guarantee of the property.

On the other hand, in many cities or towns, it is compulsory to have this document for the change of ownership of water or discharges.

Finally, it is also required to obtain the tourist licence.

Price second occupancy licence Villajoyosa

The price is 275€ (all inclusive).

segunda ocupación villajoyosa

How to obtain a second occupancy licence

In a summarised and simplified way, these are the main steps to obtain the second occupancy licence:

  1. Technical visit by an architect or engineer.
  2. Drawing up the technical certificate, according to the data collected during the visit.
  3. Payment of the administrative fee and registration.

Technical certificate of second occupation

The most important document for requesting the second occupancy licence is the technical certificate.

This is a certificate which must be signed by an engineer or architect and which verifies that the property still complies with the technical specifications for habitability.

Second occupancy tax Villajoyosa

The tax to be paid to the town hall to obtain the licence is 130,20€.

There is also a small fee to be paid depending on the square metres.

Second occupancy deadline

At QEE Ingeniería, we can get you the second occupancy licence in Villajoyosa in just 3 days.

Do you need to change the name of your water?

Second occupancy certificate requirements Villajoyosa

The following aspects must be taken into account with regard to the habitability of a property:

First and foremost, it should be noted that the minimum usable area of the property must be 24 m2.

Another aspect to take into account is the minimum height of the dwelling, which, as a general rule, must be 2.50m.

All rooms, with the exception of bathrooms, pantries or storage rooms, must have exterior windows.

Bathrooms that do not have natural ventilation to the outside, will have the corresponding ventilation grille for the adequate exchange of air.

The entire dwelling will have a water supply, electricity supply and proper waste water drainage.

The water network, for its part, will have a hot and cold water installation.

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Second Occupancy Licence

Licence of second occupation CAMPELLO

If you have bought a house and need to register the water supply, read on. You need a second occupancy licence. You need a second occupancy licence.

In short, the second occupancy licence is a technical certificate for the property. It allows you to know if the property is habitable.

What is the price of Licence of second occupation in Campello?

At QEE Ingeniería, we offer the second occupancy licence in Campello for 183 euros (VAT and taxes included).

Fees for the cédula de habitabilidad Campello

Currently, the fees to be paid to the Campello Town Hall to obtain the second occupancy licence are 65,83 euros.


How to obtain a licence of second occupation in CAMPELLO?

To obtain the second occupation certificate in Campello, the procedure to follow is:

  • Inspection of the property: on-site verification of all the regulatory requirements that must be fulfilled, according to the year of construction.
  • Preparation of the technical certificate of second occupation. Issued by a competent professional. Issued by a competent professional.
  • Compilation of all the required administrative and legal documentation.
  • Payment of fees and registration of all documentation. In person or online.


The period for obtaining this second occupancy licence is approximately 7 days.

Campello Town Hall Documents

  • Responsible declaration
  • Technical certificate (see model)
  • Document accrediting ownership of the property
  • Proof of taxes


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Second Occupancy Licence

Licence of second occupation in Alicante

Below, we tell you what a second occupancy licence is and how to obtain it in order to buy a house.

The regulations that govern this process are autonomous – local. In our case, we will focus on the one corresponding to the Generalitat Valenciana.

What is the licence of second occupation?

The second occupancy licence or second occupancy certificate is a technical document that certifies that a second-hand property has the characteristics and conditions to be habitable.


When is the licence of second occupation necessary?

  • If you have bought a second-hand property.
  • When you have to register an energy supply (electricity, gas or water).
  • For a tourist licence.

*If 10 years have passed since the first licence.


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If you have a certificate of occupancy from an architect or engineer and you need help with the registration and payment of fees. Contact us and we will do the registration for you. Obtaining the document (second occupancy licence) that you need to take to aguas.


The documentation required to do this procedure in Alicante is:


You have to pay a fee of 38,73 €. Payment can be made in person at the urbanismo or at a bank. It can also be paid online.


This document must be prepared by a competent technician. In it will put the characteristics of the property that confirm its habitability.


This form can be downloaded from the Urbanismo website and must be filled in with the details of the applicant, representative and property.

It can also be given to you in person at the town planning office.

To download the form click HERE.


Finally, we have the nota simple (simple note) that represents the main data of the property. It contains the details of the owner, square metres, address of the property, etc.

On many occasions when the second occupancy licence is issued, this document is still being processed and we do not have it yet. Because it usually takes 2 to 3 months.

I don’t have the nota simple…

Then we need to prove that we are the owners of the property.

These are the documents that urbanismo give us as an alternative:

    1. Title deeds dated no more than one year ago with the current owner.
    2. IBI receipt for the current year in the name of the current owner.


The most important requirement to obtain this license is that the housing is habitable.

What does this mean?

It must have: Minimum usable area of 24 square meters, hot water supply (ACS), kitchen with smoke extraction, smoke ventilation, etc.


They are usually confused, but they are not exactly the same.

The cédula de habitabilidad certifies the habitability of a newly constructed property. It is also called a licence of first occupation.

The second occupancy licence (also called cédula de segunda habitabilidad) certifies the habitability of a property already in use (hence the distinction of “second”), with respect to the cases in the previous section of this post.

You will have to communicate it to the town hall, through the same procedure as the second occupancy licence. But without making the technical report.

If you want, we can advise you or do it for you!

The fee for the granting of the cédula de habitabilidad or second occupancy licence in Alicante is 38.73 euros.

If you need to know how much it costs elsewhere, do not hesitate to contact us.

The procedure includes a technical part and an administrative part.

To obtain this second occupancy licence, also called responsible declaration for renovation or authorisation, you must obtain a certificate issued by a competent technician.

In addition, there is an administrative procedure, in which this certificate must be presented to the Alicante town hall, in addition to the payment of the corresponding fees and other legal documents.

QEE Ingeniería helps you to carry out the whole process, so that you do not have to worry about any type of bureaucracy. If, on the other hand, you want to take care of this process yourself, the price of the service will be lower.

If you are not sure if you have the licence of first occupation and you cannot find this document, you should:

Request a copy of this licence from your local council in writing, providing the address of the building. In addition, to speed up the process it is advisable to attach:

  • Cadastral reference
  • Name of the developer/architect
  • Year of construction of the property

According to the Law of habitability, CTE and DC09, in order to have a tourist licence, the property must be habitable.

Therefore, if the property has an expired first occupancy licence, a second occupancy licence must be obtained before converting it into a tourist home.

Depending on the speed of the technicians and when the property is inspected.

QEE Ingeniería can obtain it in 3 days.

If you have lost the document or the reference number of the second occupancy licence, I have to tell you that it can be recovered without having to do the procedure again.

We can help you with this.

When you are doing building work and you cannot get the second occupancy licence, there is a temporary solution.

With the building permit you can change the holder of the supply. This becomes the works contract.

Licencia de segunda Ocupación



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