Second Occupancy Licence

Second occupancy certificate Villajoyosa

Have you been asked for this certificate and you don’t know what it is? In short, it is a document that certifies habitability.

When a house is built, it is necessary that an architect certifies that it is habitable. This certificate is called cédula de habitabilidad.

In the Community of Valencia, this certificate is valid for 10 years.

The next time you need to certify the habitability of a property, the cédula de habitabilidad is no longer necessary. Another less rigorous document is used which is called cédula de segunda ocupación or licencia segunda ocupación (second occupancy license).

Who has to apply for the second occupancy licence?

First of all, you should know that the application must always be made by the owner of the property or, failing that, his or her representative.

This application must include a technical certificate certifying that the property is habitable. This certificate must also be signed by a competent technician (architect or engineer).

When is it compulsory or is it required?

First of all, it is important to clarify that, in the Valencian Community, it is not compulsory for the purchase-sale. In other words, the seller is not obliged to provide it to the notary.

However, it is true that many real estate agencies or buyers do require it, as it is a technical guarantee of the property.

On the other hand, in many cities or towns, it is compulsory to have this document for the change of ownership of water or discharges.

Finally, it is also required to obtain the tourist licence.

Price second occupancy licence Villajoyosa

The price is 275€ (all inclusive).

segunda ocupación villajoyosa

How to obtain a second occupancy licence

In a summarised and simplified way, these are the main steps to obtain the second occupancy licence:

  1. Technical visit by an architect or engineer.
  2. Drawing up the technical certificate, according to the data collected during the visit.
  3. Payment of the administrative fee and registration.

Technical certificate of second occupation

The most important document for requesting the second occupancy licence is the technical certificate.

This is a certificate which must be signed by an engineer or architect and which verifies that the property still complies with the technical specifications for habitability.

Second occupancy tax Villajoyosa

The tax to be paid to the town hall to obtain the licence is 130,20€.

There is also a small fee to be paid depending on the square metres.

Second occupancy deadline

At QEE Ingeniería, we can get you the second occupancy licence in Villajoyosa in just 3 days.

Do you need to change the name of your water?

Second occupancy certificate requirements Villajoyosa

The following aspects must be taken into account with regard to the habitability of a property:

First and foremost, it should be noted that the minimum usable area of the property must be 24 m2.

Another aspect to take into account is the minimum height of the dwelling, which, as a general rule, must be 2.50m.

All rooms, with the exception of bathrooms, pantries or storage rooms, must have exterior windows.

Bathrooms that do not have natural ventilation to the outside, will have the corresponding ventilation grille for the adequate exchange of air.

The entire dwelling will have a water supply, electricity supply and proper waste water drainage.

The water network, for its part, will have a hot and cold water installation.

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